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Born in Cambridge Massachusetts

Architecture is the foundation for all of my pursuits. As an office boy working at my grandfather's firm, Hugh Stubbins and Associates I watched buildings like NYC's Citicorp and Boston's Federal Reserve building discussed, drawn and built with prismatic clarity. The impression it left was strong and lasting - the multiplier of effort, creativity and expertise delivers singular achievements. Personally the multipliers have consistently included drawing, painting and making with achievements coming in various forms:



Marlboro College, Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honors

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship

California College of the Arts, Master of Architecture

CCA MArch Design Studio Award for Excellence

AIA Henry Adams Award for Architecture and Design Excellence

Designer Calvin Klein, NYC

Design Director Polo Ralph Lauren, NYC

ICFF Exhibitor

Designer BCV Architects, San Francisco  

My work begins with a theory:

I have always imagined that life has an underlying structure like that of a skein or weaving hanging just above us. Structural but imperfect the weave is loose at its edges and sometimes we chance to reach it. Grabbing a thread down we use it to weave parts of our own fate with our own hands – even while the whole quality of the skein itself remains mysterious.

To explore the idea and the potential of this image my work begins with structure – specifically the grid. The architecture of the grid allows hidden relationships to surface during the act of painting. These clues reveal the nature of the skein itself – if partially. Rather than something sacrosanct the grid is itinerant and changeable, here falling apart, there asserting itself, as the painting accumulates marks, colors and textures eroding visual certainty. Ultimately, the painting is charged with unforeseen information – something sensed behind the structure and expressive act. Patterns emerge and recede when line, color and form energetically combine and recombine creating moments when the skein flickers into something like focus - just before it disappears and leaves us wondering…

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